A different kind of partnership

by Laure Godfrin
11 Jul 2012

Amadeus Partner Network is about partnerships. And the one I want to write about today is a bit of a different kind from the ones we generally talk about on this blog. It’s the partnership between Amadeus and The Great Commission Alliance.

Together and for the past 2 years we have been building an orphanage in Haiti that houses and sustains up to 100 children.

Thousands of families have lost everything during the devastating earthquake on the 12th of January 2010. While the country is slowly recovering half a million people still live in camps, under canvas, suffering from the rain, floods, violence and the threat of eviction. Kids want to go to school and learn as much as they can to be best prepared to ensure the future of their country and their own.



There is a lot more to do, there is a lot more we can do and there is one thing you can do right now.

How can you help? Sponsor the Amadeus Orphanage at Mirebalais and change a little girl or a little boy’s life. Watch the video and visit our website at: http://gcanet.org/amadeus/






Laure Godfrin By Laure Godfrin, Global Partner Programme Marketing, Amadeus IT Group. Laure is part of the global Partner Programme Operations team, in charge of marketing and communication to partners. She has been working in Amadeus for 6 years in various marcom positions. Always eager to find innovative and effective ways to get the message through, she has probably watched and read every marketing related Webinar and eBook available on the Web. She loves developing creative concepts and getting people to work together to bring them to life.




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